UBITECH AiLabs Sponsors the GenAI Summit SE Europe 2024

UBITECH AiLabs is excited to share news of its role as a sponsor and participant at the forthcoming GenAI Summit, which is set to occur from February 29 to March 02, 2024, at the Eugenides Foundation in Athens, Greece. This event is expected to assemble leading thinkers from both the academic and industrial spheres to delve into and discuss the future of Generative AI and its influence across different fields.

As an enthusiastic backer of the GenAI Summit, UBITECH AiLabs is dedicated to the AI community’s expansion and progression, encouraging innovation, and sparking important discussions about the advancements and moral implications of Generative AI technologies.

Speakers from UBITECH AiLabs at the Summit

A highlight of the summit will be the participation of UBITECH’s co-founders, Dr. Dimitris Alexandrou, Business Innovation Director, and Dr. Panagiotis Gouvas, R&D Director. They will be presenting in the “GenAI in Public Policy” track on the summit’s opening day. Their talk will explore the revolutionary impact of Generative AI on public policy, governance, and societal progress, offering attendees a deep dive into the practical uses and ethical considerations necessary for integrating AI technologies into the public domain.

Showcasing UBITECH’s AiLabs Latest Innovations

During the summit, UBITECH AiLabs will also maintain a booth where visitors can directly engage with the company’s newest advancements. The firm will exhibit its latest product range, powered by the most recent in Generative AI and Large Language Model (LLM) technologies, demonstrating UBITECH’s AiLabs technological prowess and its commitment to leveraging these innovations for the good of society and various industries.

UBITECH AiLabs stands as a beacon of technological innovation, specializing in crafting and implementing sophisticated AI solutions. With a focus on Generative AI and LLM technologies, UBITECH AiLabs aspires to transform industries through smart solutions that boost efficiency, encourage growth, and support sustainable progress. The company’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and societal benefit underscores its position as a leader in the technological realm.

Invitation to the GenAI Summit

We warmly invite all GenAI Summit participants to stop by our booth to see how UBITECH AiLabs is redefining the potential of Generative AI. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet our co-founders, experience our product demonstrations, and gain insight into our vision for AI’s future in public policy and more.

For further details on the GenAI Summit, please visit the GenAI Summit 2024 website. For more information on the “GenAI in Public Policy” track and our keynote speakers, please visit the designated section on GenAI in Public Policy.